Benefits of Giving

The Powder River Community Endowment Fund (PRCEF) accepts charitable gifts of almost any kind, and places the funds in a permanent savings account of which the earnings will be distributed to community organizations to carry out existing projects, to implement new activities and to respond effectively to the challenges and changes impacting the community both now and in the future.

Donors benefit in many ways:

Permanence: Gifts are made in perpetuity, unlike direct gifts to charity - that generally are expended in the near term.

Recognition: All grants to recipients are identified by the name the donor has given to his or her fund.

Commemoration: It is easy to memorialize another person or draw attention to a charitable field

Expertise: The donor is saving the time and expense of investing and tracking rates of return.

Supervision: Grant opportunities are investigated and monitored by the School/Community Development Council (SCDC).

Flexibility: There are many giving options and, should the field or beneficiary designated become obsolete, the funds can be redirected to maintain original intent.

Convenience: Donors are relieved of the need to report to the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies, respond to applicant appeals, or provide bookkeeping and other staff functions.

Tax Benefit: Donors are accorded maximum deductibility when giving through the Powder River Community Endowment Fund.

Ways of giving:

Contributing to the PRCEF is simple and straightforward. Listed below are some of the ways in which a donor can create a permanent legacy with the PRCEF.

Cash and Securities Contribution: Give cash, checks or negotiable stocks, bonds, etc., or name the fund a recipient of interest or dividends on securities; or choose an automatic monthly deduction from your savings or checking account. If you make an individual donation of $100 or more your name will be embroidered on the PRCEF Donation Quilt that was designed and constructed by Patsy Ridenour. For donations of $500 an embroidered heart is added by your name. The quilt is constructed with quilted bricks that symbolize the strong foundation for the future of our Greater Powder River Area and is .hanging in the courthouse lobby. A business can get their name on the quilt also by donating $200 or more. You can also honor a special occasion; i.e.; an anniversary or birth of someone with a cash contribution. No matter the amount of the contribution the SCDC makes sure that all donations are acknowledged.

Memorials: Make a gift in memory of an individual or group of persons. Memorial plaques with a picture and history are made if $300 in one or multiple donations is made in someone's name. The plaques are displayed in the courthouse lobby. The SCDC acknowledges all contributions to the family.

Recognition of Someone: Make a gift in recognition of an individual or group of persons.

Real Estate or Property: Sign over a deed to land, buildings, etc.; or donate property of any kind, including cattle or crops for resale.

Life Insurance: Name the fund as recipient of annual dividends: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd beneficiary; or recipient of paid-up policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Provide a donor with a lifetime income while at the same time providing for a future gift of the trust to the PRCEF.

Deferred Gifts: Name the PRCEF as beneficiary in long-range planning tools such as wills, trusts and estates.

Legacy League: By naming the Fund in your will or as beneficiary to your life insurance policy, you can join the Legacy League that has been started by Miss Louise Ambuel. Even though she left this area over 50 years ago, she feels a strong attachment to the area and wants to be a part of it's future.

Please, give to the PRCEF and help us build a permanent savings account, where the earnings will be used to benefit the children and grandchildren of our area! If you would like more information contact any member of the SCDC. If you would like to send a tax deductible donation please send to:


PO Box 254

Broadus, Montana 59317

Donors should consult with their tax lawyers or accountants for up to date tax information.